Welcome (Back) to the Occult City


If you’re familiar with Of Light and Darkness, then we would like to formally welcome you all back to the Occult City and to the revised, prolonged, new story. As you are reintroduced to Valek, Charlotte, and their band of misfit monsters, we hope you find the nostalgia of the love you felt for the first edition, plus a spark of something new!


If you’re brand new to the Occult City, we invite you to explore! Here, you’ll find a fairy tale unlike any you’ve ever known before. Here, you’ll find magic and myth, romance and danger…and most importantly…light and darkness. Which side are you?

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Join in the conversation with other Occult Citizens, leave a review, listen to the Regime’s chosen Occult City tunes and more…

We do hope you’ll stay a while.


4 thoughts on “Welcome (Back) to the Occult City

    1. Hi Rebeca!
      The fourth book in the Of Light and Darkness series (Of Stars and Monsters) will be released in either August or September in 2016. We will be making more announcements regarding book 4, the audio book of book 1 and the revamped books 2 and 3 releases soon. You can pre-order Of Stars and Monsters on B&N now. 🙂

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